Tips to stay save this Harmattan season.

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Harmattan is a season that kicks start from late September through April in Nigeria and some other African countries, Aiding to its effect is the inflow of dusts from far Sahara desert and other desert which in turn impend dryness, cold and dusty weather.

Here are some tips that will help you stay healthy and save.

*AVOID BUSHY AREAS: During this season the grasses and some legumes will be dried due to the unavailability of water,and so making it easy for hunters to set fire to the bush and make there hunting. Which by this act can lead to fire outbreak.

*CLOSE YOUR DOORS AND WINDOWS:The harsh weather of Harmattan does not only discomfort humans but also some animals like Reptiles, scorpions, ants,spiders and many more which can be trying to seek refuge in our homes, invariably can harm us.

*AVOID FIREWORKS: During the festive periods like xmass and new year, some news reaching us here at reported some accidents and fire outbreak caused by fireworks.

*KEEP YOUR SKIN DRY:In as much as you will like to have a nice well moist skin ,during Harmattan keep it dry by not applying much cream;as weird it maycsound.   A moist skin is bedrest of microorganisms like Streptococcus, E.coli and many more which can be pathogenic and harmful to our skin causing some distortions and swellings on the skin.

*COVER UP:Wear thick cloths like sweater and socks.

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