Similarities in Igbo ( Nigeria) Language and Egyptian

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Small list of Ancient Egyptian words which survive in the Igbo language are as follows:
EGYPTIAN | IGBO (Onitsha and Uburu dialects used) KAKA(God) | Ka (greater, superior)

Khu (to kill, death) | Nwu/Gbu (die/to kill)

Em (smell) | Imi/Emi (nose, associated with smell)

Bi (to become) | Bu (to become)

un (living being) | Ndu (life)

Feh (to go away) | Feh (to fly away)

Budo (dwelling place) | Obodo/ubudo (country, dwelling place)

Dudu (black image of Osiris) | Mmadu (person)

Un (living person) | Ulo/Uno (living area, house)

Beka (pray/confess) | Biko/Beko (to plead, please)

Aru (mouth) | Onu (mouth) & kooh/Kwue (to speak)

Dor (settlement) | Dor-Nor (sit down, settle)

Ra -Shu (light after darkness) | La -Shu (sleep)

Aru (rise) | Anu/Kulie (up, rise)

Wu (rise) | KWu-ni/Kunie (rise)

In- n (negation) nh-n (negation)

Ma (to know) | Ma, Ma-li (to know)

Se (to create) | Ke (to create) & Se (to draw)

Hoo (rejoice) | Goo, ta-Goo (dance, rejoice)

Omijener (deep water) | Ime-me (deep inside)

Nen (the primeval water mother) | Nem (mother)

Ro (talk) | Kwo (to talk)

Penka (divide) Panje (break it)

Ala (Land of) | Ala (Land of, ground, boundary)

Amu (children) | Umu (children)

Ani (ground land below) | Ani (ground land below)

Ka (higher) | Ka (greater, higher, stronger, above)

Pa (open) | Meghee (open)

Isi (leader) | Isi (leader, head (body part), female name as in igbo: “Isioma”)

Oni (AE City) | Oni-tsha (Igbo City)

Ikhenaten (name of a Pharaoh) | Ikh-em (Igbo name for a male representing high power)

Au-nu (Crocodile) | Anu/Anu-Ma-nu (animal, beast)

Miri (water) | Miri (water)

Nahasu (other Blacks) | Ahasi/Ani-hasi (Evening, night)

Ak (man) | Ok-a (man)

Ehn/Hen (yes, nod head) | Eh (yes, nod head)

Paa/Faa (fly) | Feeh/Faa (fly)

Utcha (dawn) | Uchi-chi/Utchi-chi(night)

MM (among) | Imme (inside, among)

W (they) | Uwe (they, them)

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