Animals That Are Believed To Be Associated With Juju,Vudoo And Witches.

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1. Owl : This is a nocturnal bird ,with two big scary eyes and a head capable of turning 360.At night it makes a  sound which is believed to be the sound of human transition to the spirit realm.

2. Vultures : This is an animal that is universally seen as an evil man. Vultures who specialize in feeding on the carcass of dead animals are a bad omen. Seeing a vulture in your dream is the stuff of night mares and might likely lead to a spiritual deliverance session.

3. Bats : Overseas bat might be seen as the basis for the identity of a popular super hero bat-man, but in Africa bats are regarded as evil animals. Bats are also night creatures who hide in caves and this built the myth that they are evil animals who bring bad luck and terror.

4. Cats : Cats are regarded as spiritual animals in Africa but black cats are perceived to be evil or even satanic.Your heart would most likely skip when you see a black cat. In Nigerian culture, black cats are mostly associated with witches and wizards.

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