State Of Polygamy In Africa.

In Africa were children are the gifts from gods,and contribution to the increasing population in Africa can be attributed to the polygamous society of Africa ;on the single mission to beget a male child a man will be married to more than one wife.

Unfortunately, Nigeria is a polygamous society and it’s still practiced. This is also one of the reasons for a high rate of infidelity among out men in general. Most of the times the wives do not get along anyway.

I was recently in a state in Nigeria as of  Oct. last year. One of my dad’s drivers (an older gentleman) lives in one of the rooms in the boys quarters with his wife. A few days before I left I started to see a young lady back there, I just assumed that was his daughter or relative. Until he introduced her to me as his wife. I was a little shocked, because he was just lamenting to me how things are a little tight for him financially. Why bring a second wife into this hardship ? This can only be a factor of many variables.

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