African Sex Initiation An Aged Long Tradition.

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African sex initiation a lonv aged traditionSex in Africa is seen a ritual performed by married adult, and one should be of age before initiation into the sexual circle.Taking kenya as a case study here ,in  (Unyago) The Digo, a coastal tribe in Kenya which is part of the nine coastal tribes known as Mijikenda (nine clans) still lives an age old practice. Upon attaining sexual maturity (baleghe or kuvunja ungo) evidenced by the first menstrual flow, young girls in the Digo community enter into a new phase of life, one which is marked by a lot of secrecy. 

To begin with she is not supposed to reveal the onset of her menses to anyone. The young girl is initiated into sex, fertility, pregnancy and child bearing and this code of secrecy is carried on to pregnancy and child birth. The family of the initiate known as mwari hires a special teacher usually an aunt or older female relative. This then marks the onset of a 7 day celebration known as unyago accompanied by the beating of drums (ngoma). The woman known as kungwi then takes on the responsibility of teaching the initiate how handle her upcoming wifely duties, such as cooking for her husband, taking care of her hygiene but most importantly how to satisfy the man in bed. In what is only akin to a scene from an erotic film, the kungwi demonstrates to the mwari different styles and positions during sexual intercourse and the mwari would be expected to show her mastery of the new skills to her trainer as well. Today, the initiates are taught how to use sanitary pads and cleanse themselves after menstruation (tohara). This takes place for 7 days commencing on the girls first menstruation after which she is presented to the society as ready for marriage. 

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