Before Getting Married To My Son ( Poem of the day )

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I know your mother born you well,

I raised my son well too.

He knows how to handle a girl ,

If you are too much to handle like wild fire,

Expect him to back off.

I taught him that quarrels doesn’t mean shouting on top of your voice ,

Even in a mild voice, quarrels can be solved  too.

Expect a prayer in your life ,

God comes first after me,

But since he married you ,

You can take my place .
Love him as Christ loved the church and expect the same from him,

Love doesn’t cease unless secrets, unresolved fights find their way in your life.

God should be the foundation of your married, only Him can make the building strong.

Don’t expect ankhoswe to do the solving of your misunderstanding ,

Know that open lid makes the cake not fully baked.

ankhoswe have their issues in marriages too, you will only let the world know your problems if you do.

Respect me,

I gave birth to your husband ,

You might not visit often, 

But remember he has a mother that needs him once in a while.
Respect is a two way thing,

You won’t be the only one forcing the lever to balance,

He will respect you and treat you as fragile as you want,

Women need to be pampered,

Women needs to be flooded with sweet words,

Don’t take that as his stupidity ,

He values you,

He cherish you.

Its his responsibility to make you smile and happy 
He knows how to cook,

The kitchen is his home too,

If he cooks for you smile,

Not all men knows what to do in the kitchen.

Not all men can mix the ingredients and come up a finger licking meal.

I know nowadays its modern and you wear modern clothes,

Understand I was born years back,

Dress well or else I will judge you wrongly.

With all being said,

May your marriage be blessed with bouncing babies.
By Gome

From our daily poetry factory in

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