IGEDE The Music Of The Dead.

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IGEDE the music of the dead
IGEDE music dancing group

We Africans likes our cultures and protects them with a kin interest,which can range from our Initiation process, marriage ceremony, burial ceremony and don’t be left out with the unique entertaining process in Africa traditional culture system . In Igbo tradition to be precise, there is are many kind of entertainment events which can include the running of some masquerades like the great Ijele ,Odo ndi Ngwo, IGA,Atu,Onyewe ana of Eziagu, just to mention but few and more also not forgetting that there are some traditional Igbo dance steps that are reserved for some certain people like the elders, some masquerades like the great Ijele ,and the most astonishing is that some are reserved for spirit of the deads and deities which we are talking about now is the IGEDE MUSIC .

IGEDE  MUSIC is highly reserved for spirit of the deads and deities. In the cultural setting of Igbo land, the IGEDE has its own special instruments and its own special players which are mainly elders in their late 70s . It is usually played during two important events ; burial ceremony of an elder in the society and during intratribal wars  ; to pade the dead fear well and also to summon the spirits to protect them in war respectively.

Igede cultural dance group

Positioned like the normal Spanish drums, but have the main base drum at the middle, the mimics of two tenors at both sides, a flute that can only be played by a member of a family line in the village and many other instruments that serves to particulate the IGEDE music tune . When played during the burial ceremony of an elder (the reason why it is IGEDE the music of the spirits ) ,the elders will spit on their palm four times representing the four market days in Igbo land ( Eke,Orie,Afor,Nkwo ) before beating the drums with a slow and rhythmic sound that connotes with the slow and rhythmic movement of the spirits ,the tune will be played for over 10minutes which it is assumed that the spirits are dancing with the dead person in transition to the spirit world. After sometime the eldest person among those present will dance to open the dancing ground before other elders can now join him in the IGEDE dance. After the whole elders must have danced to their satisfaction, the eldest again will come in closure of the music and touches the ground on which he is standing and touche it to his chest and also to the big drum which symbolises that we all came from the dust and must return to it with the sounds of IGEDE music tune .

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