The Great Gold Coast Empire

Gold coast
Ghana empire
Ghana Empire
Kumbi-Saleh (Ghana Empire capital) was a pioneer town on several points. First, because of its location. Located in southeastern …

Chains Of Freedom ( Poem of the day )

Poem of the day from ODP our daily poetry factory in
Chains of freedom a poem
The sun has shone today

But am not sure how much gleam it has brought…

Facts About Yoruba People Of Nigeria.

Yoruba people.
Yoruba people of Nigeria

​The Yoruba race is more or less a collection of diverse people bound together by language, culture and history. The …

Meek Mill Now a Freeman After Supreme Court Granted Him Bail

Meek now a freeman
Jailed rapper, Meek Mill has regained his freedom

After spending nearly five months in prison after a controversial sentence …

Words ( Poem of the day )
Words poem of the day from our daily poetry factory

Words, how do we define words?

Without it being too wordy?

Without …

Soninke Language Of The Gold Coast ( Ghana ).

The gold coast
The gold coast (Ghana).

Ghana’s freedom was recorded as the first independent black republic in Africa that Kwame Nkrumah and his companions decided to …

Liverpool 5 Roma 2: Salah The Miracle Man Again.

Salah on top form

Liverpool are really on high note at the moment, the England based team are in top form in the champions

The Normal human Microbiota: The Good Microorganism In Our Body, Specific Part of the body and their normal flora

Microbiota in our body

 Normal Flora are resident microorganism that inhabit specific part of the body without causing any harm, in mosy cases they

Henri Michel: Former France, Cameroon & Ivory Coast coach dies aged 70

Henri Michel former French and Ivory Coast manager is dead

Former France midfielder Henri Michel, who coached eight countries during a 30-year managerial career,

Liverpool’s Egyptian forward Mohamed Salah Wins PFA Player Of The Year Award.

‘Standout’ Salah wins PFA Player of the Year award

Liverpool forward Mohamed Salah has been voted the Professional Footballers Association’s (PFA) English Premier