The Uncovered Pace . ( Poem of the day )

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Poem of the day
Uncovered Pace
It can never be a hindrance

But the distance sucks 

I see you every night in my dreams

Walking hand in hand 

But in reality the truth stroke so hard 

We are two hearts fond of each other 

But separated by long distance

Alas! This distance sucks

Now my words have become Brandy’s song 

Echoing in my head this long distance is killing me

I sleep with your picture besides me 

So that your face be the last thing I see before going to bed

So that I can see as a hero of my dreams just as you’re of my heart

Your smile to be the first thing I see when I awake so that my day begins

With smiles and joys 

Oh! This distance sucks ..

I like to close my eyes and imagine because I know that’s where I will find you

In my mind your face is printed 

And in my heart your name is tattooed 

They say distance makes the heart grow fonder 

Mine misses you each second and each heart beat seems like a year with no rain.

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