Alone ( Poem of the day )

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Alon Poem of the day
Poem of the day
They want to know why i smoke so heavily

Why i keep a lot to myself

Why I’m never charming and lively

That my life style is not safe

That of late my actions are silly

Wanting to have my own space

They even asked lily

To talk to me herself
They say of late i act sullenly

And my mood is mope

My socialization is unlikely

And when talked to i pout

They try approaching me calmly 

But i shun them all like poop

They had a meeting for the family

I gave excuses creating my loop
I yearn to tell them why

But again i fail, to tell I can’t 

I don’t ever what to lie

The reason all the time i retract

I can’t count the number of times I cry

I check my phone and there’s no one to contact

I sulk and sleep, the world i shun

I wonder if I’m a misfit never ment to interact

To solitude i was born a son

I think if i go out, the society i will distract 

Or maybe I’ll just burnout under the sun

So i change my mind and sit back

With nothing to say

At least I’m still intact.
By Akwana Wa Odera

From our daily poetry factory 

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