The Peaceful Nature Of  Hausa,Igbo And Yoruba In Nigeria.

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Three ethnic group in Nigeria
Three ethnic group in Nigeria

Personally, i like the Hausa man because he is a free and kind giver, welcoming to strangers and very sincere when it comes to daily business dealings. A hausa man will hardly ever want to cheat you in business. An hausa man is also a contended person, he can have a very low class and poor job, but he would be very contended with it and will thank God. Also, once a hausa man has liked you, he will almost show u love to the end, only one thing can turn that love to hatred overnight and that thin is TOUCHING HIS RELIGION.That is the bad side of the hausa man. An hausa man can do absolutely anything if you touch his religion, no matter how wicked, or heartless it may be. The hausa man is easily brainwashed by religion, once touch his (religion), he can completely loose his senses.Also, the hausa man is the greatest discriminator (especially in the aspect of religion). This is why you see that hausas have derogatory names for different people the way they view them from their religious point of views.  

Three ethnic group in Nigeria
Three ethnic group in Nigeria


The good side of the igbo man is that he is a very hardworking, industrious and progressive person. An igbo man always believes in sure progress (i must succeed) and leaves no room for failure or laziness.They are very smart, calculative and enterprising nature. They bring peace and development to wherever they go.

An igbo man is well exposed and well travelled and interacts well with others. They also have very good looking and beautiful people. They are resilient and hard headed people who always stand after their words and choices and do not waiver here and there. They easily integrate and acculturate with others wherever they are found and show utmost respect to other peoples cultures wherever they go. They don’t believe in opression of those they are more than. They believe that they should always be the best in everything he does.

Three ethnic group in Nigeria
Three ethnic group in Nigeria


The loveable things about yorubas is firstly their very respectful nature. Disrespect towards elders is not tolerated in anyway amongst them. A yoruba can see you and greet you ten times a day bending down. Yorubas are very very peaceful in nature and not troublemakers.A yoruba man loves to be enlightened and believes so much in education and enlightenment. They are a very neutral people especially when it comes to religion.

Religious sentiment is the last thing you can ever try to use to deceive a yoruba man. They don’t care who is a muslim or who is a christian, they believe so much in religious oneness and unity to the end. That is why you can find a yoruba family with adherents of Islam, Christianity and Traditional religion, i have even seen a yoruba man who claims he is a practitioner of all 3 religions.

Yorubas are very social and fun to be with, hence their crazy love for partying and clubbing.

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