Love Anthem ( poem of the day )

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Love anthem poem of the day
Poem of the day

​I might not be your sight when your might runs slightly light

I can never be a can big enough to hold your tears and cane your troubles

I can be your holder or shoulder to hold you on when it wants to throw you over

Only if you let me. 
I won’t blink or think because in the thought of you, I’ll just sink and we will not link

I’m not thin enough to fit in your skin and I don’t have a scheme because I’m not a schemer

I wish for my saliva to be thick that it will stick on you when I lick, you can’t be sick

Wait, you don’t enjoy the bliss of a kiss so may be I’ll just hiss when you ride
 I don’t have a fleet instead I use my feet to feed where fit

Weakness through weeks, fright to flights

At times I give my brain a strain wishing for rain to wash away my stain

A flow to clean my flaws for me to glow but I guess you are all I need to grow.
 I’m not different but apparently I’m a parent too

I would love for your feelings to be the only findings filling my being, that’s my healing appealing to be released

In your heart, I’m a prisoner pleasing the owner honourably,

 Be favourable to reduce the parables, scrambles is all they seems like

If not, don’t look at me with contemn or condemn that I denied content I just never had enough of your content. 
 In the meantime, don’t be mean with time for time will tell you what I mean

I’m not a dove but I know love
By Lynn

From our daily poetry factory.( ODP)

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