​More Than A Wish, Better Than A Dream ( Poem of the day )

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​More than a wish, better than a dream
Romantic poem: ​More than a wish, better than a dream
More than a wish, better than a dream
We all walk this earth waiting for someone to sweep us off our feet 

Some of us are lucky enough to be swept high out of sky to the stars 

Where we sailed through galaxy then ride back on our shooting stars

He’s more than a wish and better than a dream. 
He’s the soft summer rain that falls gently on my skin giving me goosebumps 

Each night I stare at the constellations wondering from which one he fell 

My guess is Gemini for my love for him is twice and the two of us make a perfect one

I simply adore him 
Maybe it’s how he looks at me like am the last piece of his favorite pie 

And my favourite meal is he’s worst but he still eat it to make me happy 

Or how mad he gets when I write on anything that I get my pen on at his place 

Maybe I just love him too much.
Just as I can’t count the stars so can’t I say how much I love him 

But with my pen I will express each of these feelings with words 

I will write you poems when you annoy me, when you make me happy or when I want to rip off your clothes.

With my words I walk you through the world of a poet madly in love.

By E.T

From our daily poetry factory in Nigeria.

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