Brotherly ( Poem of the day )

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Brotherly: poem of the day

I miss coming back from school and find you outside,

Waiting to carry me up high in the air 

Waiting to see how your baby sister is growing .

I miss escorting you to those places to get your things,

 Only to make me wear your shirts and tops only to look like a guy,

So that guys won’t mistake me for a girl.

Would escort you to your girlfriend too, yes that girl who is now your ex.

Mother would ask where we were and we would lie to her,

We were just around when we went miles away.

We would buy food and eat just the two of us.

I miss stealing your clothes,

I miss walking with you only to end up with the way you walk,

I miss seeing you cry after a heart break,

I miss how you covered me up when I sneaked out of the house to meet my boyfriend.

I miss stealing your money ,

I miss wearing your sweaters,

I miss demanding for Money even if I had nothing to do with it.

I miss telling you what I want to eat.

I miss you big brother .
By poet Gome

From our daily poetry factory in Nigeria

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