Selflessness ( poem of the day )

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From our daily poetry factory in Nigeria
Poem of the day by Louis icon

I can feel the sadness inside of me.

Like an erupting volcano inside a cave. 

Wishing for best of love, a free mind of living. 

Praying for better day but the best day have come and gone. 
I have foreseen the struggles in the future. 

Which is a deed that needs to be done. 

I bear it inside of me and the pain i nurture. 

Its like the world is coming to an end. 
But still am here to stand like a statue. 

Motionless but this pain makes me want to bend. 

The blazing sun show it might on my back. 

But i don’t give up until am dead. 
Live goes on. 

Enjoy it while it still lasts. 
By Louis icon

From our daily poetry factory in Nigeria

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