​Symbolic meanings on Ododua mask In Yoruba Tradition.

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Yoruba Ododua mask symbolism
Yoruba Ododua mask symbolism

The Ododua Mask was created by the Benin people many years ago ,which can be inferred to have many symbols in its design that are symbolic.This mask can easily be compared to other brass heads from the Benin people such as those that represent an Oba, or king. While other brass heads are for commemoration, 
The spiritual symbolism of the Ododua mask are explained as follows. 

1. Projections from the top are a dominant symbol of the vital force of a divine associate.

 2. The superstructure protruding toward the sky symbolizes the link between the world and the spirit world through which communication with the spirits occurs. 

3. Vertical projection identifies its bearer as a personification of the vertical axis. The person who wears the Ododua Mask bridges the gap between human and spirit realms.

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