​Scorning A Dead Man ( Poem of the day)

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Poem of the day scorning a Dead man
African slavery

Sorry I never shed a tear

As my eyes met with your coffin,

Pardon me

For forlornness showed not on my face,

Forgive the tears 

Which never came,

Forgive me as I blankly stare

At your cadaver…

I just can’t bring my heart to bleed.

Where are you now?

Is it beyond the scudding clouds 

I see

Or somewhere in purgatory?

Sorry my eyes aren’t stung.

Do I know you?

Do I feel an ounce of pity

As pierces my gaze through your cadaver

If only I had met you

I’d have known if your heart beats

Or rather,

I’d have discovered if you had a heart…


Do you even know me?

Rise up, man!

See how time has stitched me into you

See the boy you left behind

Without any goodbye;

No strings to join us

Only blood seals the tie,


Do you see the boy you left behind?

Look into my eyes and see this nothingness.
By Bitter Éclairs

From Our daily poetry factory in Nigeria ODP.

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