Look Where You Touch ( Poem of the day )

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Black panther in wakanda
Black panther in wakanda
It’s been years since I last attempted to kill myself,

Years! Aeons I’d say,

A sempiternal wait 

To see what meaning I’d attach to life,

To capture a moment

That perhaps

By mere illusion

Would land me on the stars;

Make me see the sapphire in the Stygian haze;

Days on end

My flame keeps ablaze.

I did try to liberate 

My soul from my skin…

Blemished, I thought;

You brushed my velvet lips with yours,

Wrote with your tongue innumerable pleasures,

Carved in my heart

In an indelible heartwriting…

Centuries down,

Yet I still remember.
It’s been years

Since I let a bird,

Colourful and with gaiety,

Fly from my mouth;

The world saw how a mere human

Gets to fly through confession,

Breaks the barriers, no retention,

And how a gullible angel

Loses a wing

And gravity takes control…

A shooting star fell

People saw it shine, for a moment

Saw it streak in the sky

The painful fall, I still remember.

Years have passed,


So I think I’ll tread on the stars

For another day, week, year or maybe eternity,

But no

My hands fear stretching out,

My eyes look at old pavements,

My soul rests in an old nest…

Sitting across my date

I know I have to forget,

So I get straight to the point and give a warning:

” Look where you touch please. ”
By  Bitter Éclairs

From our daily poetry factory in Nigeria

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