My Image ( poem of the day )

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ODP poem of the day
ODP poem of the day

My image

Beautiful face, I have 

Dreamy eyes they see

Perfect shape I possess 

Perfection Is what they see

Or rather I portray. 
I know I’m not perfect

I know my troubles

I know my heartbreaks 

I know my disappointments

My imperfections 
The toil I’ve been through, only I can tell.

My true image is hidden in me and I’m the sole Explorer.
Life has scarred me and left me wounded

 and feeling useless too. 

When I’m with you I don’t show you the scars

 for they are mine to meditate on. 

In those scars I have a reason to believe 

it will get better,though it’s not easy


From our daily poetry factory in Nigeria ODP

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