Rose Coloured Glasses ( Poem of the day )

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Rose Coloured Glasses ( Poem of the day )
Rose Coloured Glasses ( Poem of the day )


It’s a pity that our images

Only show up after adjusting our rose coloured glasses 

Real is too melancholic

  1. And deep is too soul draining

The hurt,the guilt ,the darkness

All coated in fine linen

On the surface we thrive

It is much safer there

The mirror knows it too well

Just a glance away and it reflects deception

Wiping off the smiles

Shuttering our definition of ourselves

Presenting a version so eerie , we cringe

Then we stop and thinks

So it’s not a cliché after all

The mirror is indeed a liar

Aware of flaws yet reflects perfection

Raising a glass for a mask

Maybe just like us,it fears the real.


From our daily poetry factory in Nigeria . 

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