Just A Few Seconds ( Poem of the day )

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Just a few seconds
Just a few seconds
Just A Few Seconds

This is the best few seconds of my life,

That i know you’ll listen to me,

I hope you understand, 

And know that i wouldn’t be doing this,

If i had another way out,

But you wouldn’t know what’s, 

Stretching down to the depths of my guilt, 

And making me carry this cross

I am being murdered, 

By my own mind,

I am being shattered, 

With every beat that my heart let’s out,

I ran out of emotions, 

Pouring them to those who needed

Since they took them from me,

Leaving me broken from within, 

I think i feel too much, 

I think i exist too much,

I tried to be Icarus for so long,

Not noticing the wax holding up my wings,


And i was there, 

Falling fast,

Feathers dropping, 

Screams from me,

That nobody even heard,

Nobody tried to at least, 

Before i hit the ground, 

And hard,

Resonates of my fall,

Groans and moans,

All them,

Noises i made

In silence, 

I was being haunted 

By my own mind,

And the storm therein,

Is destroying all the flowers 

I know i have a curse on me,

A curse i cannot win

For if someone gets too close

The pins stick farther in,

And my heart bleeds out,

The trickles of my red ink,

Dot my burdened soul,

Oozing right to the ground,

To which the paint absorbs,

Without worry or care,

Without love nor mercy,

Death is sitting 

in the same room as me

And is watching at the table, 

From which our sets of pawns are at,

We sit together almost every night, 

But now he’s got one move,

And i have none,

I have two nooses around my neck,

Just to be sure,

That i do it tonight, 

So don’t miss me when I’m gone.
Yours Always, 

The Friend You Never Saw

  By Mugambi.Clarity.Word

From our daily poetry factory in Nigeria.

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