Beauty For Ashes ( Poem of the day )

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Beauty For Ashes ( Poem of the day )
Beauty For Ashes ( Poem of the day )
Beauty For Ashes 
I was here

I lived in this era

I listened to trap music

I felt the thrill in white alternative magic

I witnessed the birth of a lifestyle

Lived by a generation with no compassion

No sincerity or honest emotions

The trap army burned the books

Nothing made actual sense if it wasn’t on social media

Ignorance became cool

The internet became school

Beautiful faces in fancy places

Living all their dreams in memes

Authenticity now burns down to a pile of worthless ashes
Commotion ensues my back alley 

Rogue residents fighting for coke

My nerves twitch at the sound of crying babies

Adrenaline drips from guys with rabies

It’s raining rivers at my doorstep

Humid air sends shivers to my kneecaps

I say a silent prayer as I leap into the unknown

Headfirst in a chaotic world

Hopes and ambitions dying in raging flames

Expectations and beliefs burning into the hungry ground

Poetry is immortal

Calling upon the Highest Power to save this tower

And we shall rise from the beautiful ashes 

Call the poets and the writers 

Living in the creek, the island and coastal urban

Put your sails up!

This is the Legend of the Rising Phoenix.

By Matolo Kyalo Jr. 

From our daily poetry factory in Nigeria.

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