Cultural Taboos In Nigeria Traditional Setting.

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Cultural Taboos In Nigeria Traditional Setting.
Cultural Taboos In Nigeria Traditional Setting.

Taboos vary from place to place, culture to culture, we will be looking on different cultural taboos across Nigeria so as avoid tourists from being a victim of abominable act.

 Ikwerre land : In river state,for Ikwerre people it is a taboo to have sex on the floor with out a cloth or a mat and it is forbidden for a woman whose husband is still alive to eat with a knife .

Kuta village : In osun atate,( Kuta village ) it is a taboo to sell groundnut and pounded yam,which they inver that such act attracts poverty and ill luck to the tribe, the consequences is death .

Osogbo village : it is a taboo to sit on mortar in osogbo, osun state. It is believed that anyone who sits on it will not be paralyzed for the rest of his/her life .

Ogidii village : it is a taboo to kill/eat python in Ogidii village in Anambra state ( Igbo land ) and in some part of Delta state. The consequences is that the person might die of swollen and protruding stomach due to attacks by the pythons Queen mother ,if he/she did not do the necessary cleansing .

Ogaminana town : In Ogaminana kogi state, it is a taboo to eat crocodile. the consequences, the person will have boils all over his/her head and die within 21day of the eating.

Asaba : In Asaba the capital of Delta State, the sale and eating of ogbono soup across capital city is considered a taboo. consequence the person face will swell up or might die. 

Yoruba land : No king in the whole Yoruba land must ever set his eyes inside the crown of his head .

Igbo land : It is a taboo to whistle in the night in Igbo land , it is believed to lure snakes in the home.

Ikorodu : Sales of roasted yam is not permitted in any part of Ikorodu. It is believed that doing such will bring a lot of trouble into the society. The community frowns at it and it is in the interest of the people and the entire land.

Umuahia : In Umuahia Abia state,its a taboo to eat any aquatic animal from the une river which is river dedicated to the deity,during the Nigeria/Biafra civil war,Nigerian troops lost hundreds of solders to that in umuahia.All the Nigerian troops that ate the aquatic animals from the une river never left Umuahia nor made it home.

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