Delicious Foods Forbidden By Some Tribes In Nigeria.

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Foods Forbidden By Some Tribes In Nigeria
Foods Forbidden By Some Tribes In Nigeria
Snails– in the days of warfare, a special charm was made that forbade all men to eat snails. The women also chose to abstain in solidarity with theirmen hence snails became totally forbidden.

Cocoyam – Not sure about the history behind it being forbidden but it made sense considering how miserable the crop always looked. Why not use theland and effort to cultivate something more productive? Yams anybody?

Iguana/Monitor Lizards– This one I wish “they” ate just to spare me the constant fright this ubiquitous reptiles give me every time I travel home. One has made our car park its permanent home and we’ve had to abandon the car shed. The reptile is forbidden from being killed or eaten in solidarity with our brothers across the River Niger who regard the reptiles as incarnates of their ancestors. Hardly a home in my town without a linkwith our neighbors so it made sense to protect their sensibilities. Heard our neighbors have since abandoned the culture though but no one has acquired the taste for the annoying slithering reptiles.

The Manatee– This used to be very common alongthe banks of the Niger but apparently, our not so caring neighbors have eaten them to extinction- I’ve never seen one. Back in the days while our ancestors we’re migrating from the ancient obodo Idu, the slippery sea dwellers formed a bridge atop the Ase creek over which our non-swimming forebears stepped over to reach the promised landwhere they vanquished the original dwellers. The prohibition was in honour of the animals.

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