Stillness ( poem of the day )

Poem of the day. Stillness
Poem of the day. Stillness
Stillness speaks

Silence walks
Darkness loves

And love hates, 
That is life

Or better yet
That is how …

Super Eagles Climb In Latest FIFA Rankings

Super eagles training ahead of their friendly match

The Super Eagles of Nigeria have moved up five places from 52nd to 47th position in

Ethiopian League Suspended After Referee’s Attack By Players And Coach

Ethiopian league
Ethiopian Football Federation has suspended all league action following an attack on a referee by players and technical team during a match.

The Mysterious Akwukwo Nju-Ofia ,The Leaf That Flips One.


Nju ofia the leaf that flip's one in Igbo tradition
Nju ofia the leaf that flip’s one
Mystery is mysterious it self ,the more you try to understand it the more confused you …

Birth Day Present ( poem of the day )

Romantic and erotic poems from our daily poetry factory in
Erotic poem
Let me have you ride it,

teach you how to move your hips, as i slides it,

between your lips until …


OSU caste system in Igbo land Nigeria
Osu caste in Igbo land
Osu is an Igbo language which literally means an outcast among the society.I know your question now will …

The Uncovered Pace . ( Poem of the day )

Poem of the day
Uncovered Pace
It can never be a hindrance

But the distance sucks 

I see you every night in my dreams

Walking hand in …

8 Incredible Quotes To Boost Your Optimism For Today Activities 

Goal chaser like a lion

Things you hear in the morning influences the rest of your day, that’s why I have decided to give …