They Forgot To Teach Me (Romantic Poem of the day)

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Romantic poem
They forgot to teach me how to be me. 
Ever since i was a kid

From starting school to class six 

Finished primary school 

High school to campus

Now I’m nearing twenty six

All my seniors 

Starting with my parents to teachers

Have always impacted in me 

With the different important 

Life skills

How to behave, interact 

And even showed me how to

Remove my milk teeth

How to thinks and behave while 

In the streets

How to sleep and fold my bed sheets

Life lessons on how to make 

My timetable fixed

And I’ve always been grateful 

For all this nice treats. 

But haven’t you noticed

How I’m struggling to be me?

All these life skills put in me

Non contains the manual instructions 

Of how to do me.!

I sit back and wonder, 

Apart from the collective ‘WE’, 

Does the ‘I’ in me exist

In this society we live in? 

The individual in me 

Is struggling to exist

And just like the dodo

I might cease to exist. 
By Akwana Wa Odera 


From our daily poetry factory in Nigeria,

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