Betrothal ( Lifesyle Poem of the day )

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Poem of the day
In  your arms I find rest

You’re way  better than the rest

You beat them all and emerged the best
There’s nothing more to worry about

My fears you fought

I can now see my bright future, right inside your beautiful eyes

And together we’re growing strong

When they try to bring us down

Our eyes shall remain on the crown

We’re the makers of our destiny

Drafters of our story

Sculptors of our future
I pledge to remain loyal

And if I ever fail you

Please forgive me

I will also do my best

To pass the test

To keep you warm and safe

To always listen to you

To always stand with you 

To walk with you through the journey of life

I want to be your best friend

To encourage you all the time
You’re my greatest joy

This gave my life a new meaning

You made me see things from a different angle

Nothing compares to you my Angel
Our unity is our strength

Mutual respect shall take us places

And with Lord on our side, who can be against us?
I can’t wait to take you home

And call all my kinsmen

To witness the glory of our love

The elders shall be there

To bless our budding ecstasy
I’ll delight in meeting your people

The heroic entry into the village

When the daughter of the mountains

The girl with a vision

The strong Lady with an ambition

Finally comes home with the suitor

The girl that holds the pride of the village.
You know what my love?

Happy ever after begins now
 By The_artony 

From our daily poetry factory in Nigeria ODP . 

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