In The Warm ( Poem of the day)

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Poem of the day
In the Warm
The cool used to tickle my nose

smell like wet wood and frozen grass

Now  it whispers in my ears

and swirls at my face  biting my eyes

Soon  it will be moulded by a smile

as children make sculptures  with carrot and coal faces

launching fiery missiles
The wind used to caress my cheeks

and cool the sun on my closed lids

Now  it cuts me and splits my hands

drying and stripping wrinkling skin

Soon  the breeze will chill my lungs 

and make me cough ash 

in puffs of steam
The cold was a clean wash 

that rinsed my pores and clothes 

Now  it’s my reason to go outside

The birds sing to me in their skeletal nooks

One day  I will hide behind glass 

watch my children  throwing compact missiles

at bobble headed infants
By D.M

From our daily poetry factory in Nigeria

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