For Thee (poem of the day)

For Thee (poem of the day)
For Thee (poem of the day)
If I set myself to write

Of the love that holds my heart,

A wondrous and magnificent library,

Would not contain the volumes of my immerse love for you
I long for thee as one,

Whose heart is so pure

A little queen angel who sets me at a loss
If I set to look at your face,

My life gets fulfilled

Never do I get denied, of the happiness your lips radiate
Gasped by sweet desire,

I admire the vibration of your twins at your eager breathing..

Our two hearts hammer and murmur to each other

The language of a love so thine…..
I dream to print my lips in those dark shining gums of yours…..

I desire to curl my fingers round your hips

And sway my breaths at the dangle of your bosoms in their pride
Keep me calm and get me to your paradise

By Wilhelm

From our daily poetry factory in Nigeria

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