After Thought ( Romantic poem of the day)

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Poem of the day
Willow smith ,romance
She walks into the bedroom as he leaves for the bar. 
She spent most of the fast seconds trying to fight back the tears,

As they crystallized to form mirrors…
He spent most of the fast seconds trying to gulp down the bitter drink,

Wondering how slow it sank in.
She stared at the pillows and wondered how much secret they hold…

The duvet flashed his sweat across her nose. 

That’s all it ever was. 
He stared at the carefree souls,

Wondering how much their light hearts and dry eyes hold. 

But that’s all it ever was. 
She constantly wondered if there was another woman,

He constantly wondered if she is giving up.
Was she getting tired of holding on?

Was he getting scared of the moment she let’s go?

He knows she has been going through some things,

She figured maybe he needed a break- a get away.  
He had watched her bleed so many time he lost count,

She wasn’t sure how many times she justified the scars. 
Maybe what they both needed is something to believe in.
By Ness Nahashon

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