Forever (poem of the day)

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Poem of the day from Our daily poetry ODP
Forever, poem of the day by Louis icon

Abigael is a happily married woman

Their marriage is a bed of roses

The small thorns on the branches is what you see

But that doesn’t make the bright petals to fade away

It’s petals are still brilliant

Blossoming each day 

She ain’t gonna leave him anytime soon

Not soon, but forever
Their love still grows stronger each day

The beatings she receives from her hubby doesn’t change her love for him

And just like the way you don’t throw your linen away just because it got a dirt spot

So won’t she do for her marriage

She bound to be there forever

The vows they made on the alter keeps her moving

Only death can do them apart

And east or west her hubby is the best 

She ain’t gonna leave him anytime soon

Not soon,but forever
Forgive your eyes for seeing the speck in their eye

There is alot you blind on

Why can’t you see the happy dinners they attend?

What about the lovely night they get lost into each other?

What of the beautiful kids they made out of love?

How about the prayerful nights they hold their hands together and get lost in their God?

There is much that keeps her intact

For her its happily after

She ain’t gonna leave him anytime soon

Not soon, but forever
By raelnjeri.

From our daily poetry factory in Nigeria.

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