Inter-tribal Marriage In Nigeria

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Inter-tribal Marriage In Nigeria
Inter-tribal Marriage In Nigeria

Africa as a continent and in other part of the world, have existed restrictions and some bad speculations against on Inter tribal marriage. 

My friend likes a girl from a town called Offa, in Ilorin. He did a little fact-finding and discoveredthat the indigenes of that town readily don’t allow their people marry from other sub-tribes. He was really pissed that how could that be in this modern generation.Many Nigerians still deplore inter-tribal marriage, which is one of the potent weapons for welding the country together. These critics of inter-tribal marriage among Nigerians cite the traditional myths against other tribes in the country, and mouth verbal strictures against other tribes without let.Interestingly, even among people of the same tribe, sub-ethnic preferences obtain during marriage (like my friend’s case). Sometimes, even education and money cannot soothe deep-rooted inter-tribal distrust, suspicion and prejudices.Inter-tribal marriage is very, very positive, especially in a country with diverse cultures such as ours. It encourages federalism and, beyond that, we have to see ourselves as one people. Human beings constitute a pot-pourri of life.

Inter-tribal marriage should be encouraged because it strengthens Nigeria’s federalism and helps to foster a pan-Nigerian agenda.Inter-tribal marriages are different things to different people. They’re a fair to some and a snare to others. They’re abominable to some; to others, the future for Nigeria. Those married to spouses from other tribes tend to be more open; often more appreciative and tolerant of other ethnic groups.

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