Greatness (Lifestyle poem of the day) 

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Greatness (Lifestyle poem of the day) 

I’m running hard in the jungle

I never will quit I got no struggle

coz I ain’t slow like a turtle

Im’a keep jumping the hurdle

Fighting hard in every battle

You ain’t getting me in trouble

Keep my light shining as a candle

Kill the jealousy and stay humble 

and my blessings keep coming double

Im’a keep it real hand on the Bible.
This life of mine is a huge puzzle 

And I got no time to hit the gamble 

Each day a grind to solve it as a riddle

Depend on God always at his temple 

I know all my enemies gonna assemble

Tryn’a be me but they can’t resemble

Im’a keep going up make them tremble

They’ll all be pissed and just grumble 

But Im’a remain focused, no famble 

Looking for greatness well I’m a sample!
By John Acéx

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