Lonely and Alone (Romantic poem of the day) 

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Lonely and Alone (Romantic poem of the day) , 247inafrica.com, Louis icon
Poem of the day

I didn’t know being an introvert was rude

That my awkward silence put you off

I didn’t know that preferring being alone was an issue

You all called me weird and left one by one, hoping I would be lonely
Tell me a story of how our moon is always alone in the sky but isn’t lonely?

Tell me of a lost thought that comes into your mind and you wish it stays longer?

Tell me why it is well yet you don’t allow me to be me?

Tell me how my slowness to speech angers you?
Yet you judge my silence

You are embarrassed of the introvert me and you call it awkward

You call me a loner yet am not lone… I just love my thoughts to myself more than I like sharing them

I sit alone and smile to myself as I watch the world pass by

Yet you see my quiet silhoutte and you call it rude
I don’t blame you, I never will… And I don’t think I should

But am lonely. Am not sad or depressed

Am just alone coz I know you won’t understand

I stay by myself coz I have things to figure out

I have dreams to make… I have fears to face

So when you say hi snd I take a lot of time before I reply

Am just afraid that I might say something to push you farther away

But for now let me be… Let me be alone and not lonely

So long…

By Levyn Nevil


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