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The competitions went on well and guess what mom…

I won but felt like I lost,
In the midst of the cheers I jeers did shout
Mocking my poor lonely smile…

Mom… I wished you were there,
But I’ve come to understand you have priorities…

Mom… my uniform is torn
Aunty said I look just fine but my friends mock me,
My hair looks bad but aunty doesn’t care too…

Mom… When shall I see you?
I want to show you this bruise on my thigh,
Aunty pinched me after I poured porridge on the carpet

Mom… Our teacher said many people love money… Do you?
I hate the toys you buy me mom,
I hate drawing a happy family with crayons in school…

Mom… Do you ever miss me while you are away?
Why do you come late mom?
Uncle John said I am beautiful
Then he touched my neck and kissed me…

Am afraid mom…

Mom… Its OK if you don’t come early
Its ok if you can’t come when I am awake
I understand you love your job mom
But please when you come home today mom
Kiss me goodnight.

By Poet Joe Mcory™

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