Letter To My Ex 

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Letter To My Ex (Romantic poem of the day) 

Letter To My Ex (Romantic poem of the day) 
Beautiful girl

How are you doing 

Please forgive me but I never thought it would feel like this waking up in the middle of the night just wanting to talk to you 

I never knew it would reach to a point where your image becomes real you to the extent of me talking to you image

No one ever told me how it will feel when someone leaves you, May be I would have prepared myself for this. 

Now they are telling me it will get better but I ask myself how can it get better when you’ve left with my heart and feelings,, will I be able to love one who comes after you,, certainly not the way I loved you.

Now I ask myself what happened to promises we made to each other and the names we gave to babies we would have, 

What happened to nights we cuddled together and morning you whispered in my soul that forever you’ll find joy in my arms

It’s been weeks since you left but it all feels like a dream, 

I woke up this morning singing the song you love most, you left me with memories that can barely be erased 

Memories of we cooking together, 

By the way I bought our favorite meal (Sweet potato) but I could hardly enjoy it because you were absent 

And my bro called to check how you were doing,, honestly I desperately wanted to tell him the truth but my emotions were preaching the sermon of their own 

I told him you’re perfectly doing well, 

Cynthia asked me when you coming home with tears flowing in my eyes,, I told her Saturday or Sunday 

I’ve never thought, imagined and believed that someday we will be separate and only to hear she’s married 

Recently you posted on your facebook page *serious engagement* 

And today I’m telling you if you’ve met someone who makes you laugh more than I did, I’m happy 

I pray you love him not like me but like God Who loved the church despite their unworthiness, 

With the type of love that never ends. 


I wish you all the best 

BY Econi 

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