Sweet Rose (Romantic poem of the day) 

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Sweet Rose (Romantic poem of the day)

Sweet Rose (Romantic poem of the day) 
Oh sweet Rose,

Mix your body with mine

As dough mixes with yeast.
My heart is still not full of loving you

I wish to love u more and more than before.

I will not stop drinking your love

A make love with you for a life time
Your body reflects the beauty of a Golden goddess..

You are my chamber of love.

Let us enjoy and make fun on our way to the garden of love
When I am with you, I am a noble man filled with pleasure

I am a man who has diamond that every man desires

You hair that glistens with balm is every man’s dream

Your lips are like lotus buds that every man would wish to kiss
Happy I am to have you us my sweet lady of everyone’s dream.

I love you. Rose
BY Wilhelm

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