Black List Off Blacklist (Poem of the day) 

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Black List Off Blacklist (Poem of the day) 

Black List Off Blacklist (Poem of the day) 

Smiles of doom

Smiles us off ,on to our doom

Clinging to what we now, have no room.

A blacklist off reality


Sprayed off,

Blown off,

Cast out like dirt,


Smiles fade off,

This great breed doom

#The blacklist of doom
Polish pouches

Heavy wallets

Furbished furniture

Yet a forbidden future

Black list off the blacklists

Whose responsible..

Whose accountable?

A blacklist off this blacksmiths list
Poets pen becomes darker

Fading away ,

In more anger

A day or two

Some dozens for you

Blacklists ,blacklist…

This is too much,
How many more ?

Why can’t we unblacklist ?

Should we even be in the list?

 Can’t we even clear all our thoughts at least?
Pleasure in pleading

Now its time ,air out our feeling

Let’s not leave alone , 

Let’s  fill in,

No more blacklist,

Let’s blacklist, off this blacklist ,

Let’s feel at peace 

At least
BY Hurmphrey the poet

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