Today (poem of the day) 

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Today (poem of the day) 

Today (poem of the day) T
he final pay,

Comes with tears and shouts of joy,

The display of the long-term results,

After uncomfortable nights,

Tiresome walks and rides,

After the choosy dieting and endless puking,

After unbearable pains trying her best to push,

She’s finally relieved off all her worries and pains.

Screams filling the air,

Tears of joy from the eyes down to the neck,

A king brought to this world for fulfillment,

Of what she already had started,

He cries for the struggles sniffed,

But finally accepts the fact that he has to be here,

On this world,

To change it to what it should be.


Cheer up,

Its a special day that a king came to being,

An angel send from heavens to save the weak,

A teacher to eliminate doubts,

A counsellor to give hope to those surrendering,

A learner to listen to everyone’s stupidity,

(Especially mine),

A king to uplift a queen on this land,

A father to take care of innocent souls and rise princes and princesses,


A joker to bring smiles to the disappointed and agonizing,

~With a scandalous past to prove that nothing is impossible~,

 A sweet being who appreciates nature and all that is in it,

A lesson for many to learn from,

An exam for anyone who feels like to attempt,

A perfect soul to forgive and forget,

A pretty heart to love and accommodate people.

Its your day,


Dance, enjoy and have fun,

Help us celebrate you,

You mean everything to some,

You mean something to others,

Worry not about those whom you’re like a drop of water in the oceans,

Leave the haters to hate,

Let’s wash you to remember how you broke out of the womb,

All the way to the earth,

I’ll always treasure you,

Thanks to God for giving me you,

A friend I never thought I could ever have.
I wish…

Though they ain’t horses,

That I had known you,

Long time ago,

When my life was all a ride on the plateau,

When was well and there was nothing for me to worry about,


Let’s livs today and the way we’re, 

For you’re one in a million,

If the ever exist,

The one to compare to your personality is yet to be born,

But you’re already here for us,

Your care makes me see the sense,

And a reason for me to live,

I would wish that we forever be,

Better friends day in day out,

If only i had anything to offer,

Then I would let our friendship to keep growing,

I like the fact that i met you then,

If it were for me,

I would make the world crazy for us,

But since it has to be,

I appreciate your being born on this special day.

BY gracious

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