I Can’t Let It Be (Romantic poem of the day) 

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I Can’t Let It Be (Romantic poem of the day) 

I Can't Let It Be (Romantic poem of the day) poem of the day T
ime ,flies they say, so should memories disappear …

I beg to differ, our memories still linger in my head 

Our craziness, form the best humour, in my heart 

Our nights, so unforgettable, baby I just can’t let it be 
I agree, I let you down, 

Yes, I was so naive in love, very stupid to start with 

When, I walked away,I thought all was over, I thought bygones, were just bygones 
Reality ,has proven me wrong, my heart ,has totally defeated my mind 

I guess you were true, for I have never found, anyone like you 

I’ve taken, many grandeur steps to move on, damn! They all proved futile 

I tried, falling in love, but found myself, falling asleep 
Just like Nehemiah, am back to renew our covenant 

Baby ,life has punished me enough,I need you back in me 

Yes I do, I’m now more than willing, to follow, and play by your rules 

I miss us, I miss you 

I regret my stupidity, I wanna be mature in you 
Of course I’m not justified for a second chance, but please sweetheart, don’t let us be …

My life ,is totally useless ,without you in it 

My heart ,is slowly fading away into darkness, it needs you, it needs light 

You are the only VAT I can entertain, I need no complaining, you are worthy, the fairest of them all 
Everyone talks

about the weather, but no one does anything about it.

This time round, I wanna make amends, allow me the chance, to justify everything 

I’ve never felt ,so lonely like I am, I don’t wanna move on, I want you, I want us, I need us… 

Save my soul, for I already know what hell tastes like 

Take me back into your arms, let’s make a palace of our hearts 
I’m sorry, forgive me 

Take me back 

I can’t just let it be,so don’t let it just be

By Gastavas Hearts 

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