The Seven Rules Of Circumcision In Kenya 

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The Seven Rules Of Circumcision In Kenya 

The Seven Rules Of Circumcision In Kenya 
Circumcision in Africa

There are also rules pertaining to the initiation into the circus of men in Kenya, which is commemorated by Circumcision. The rules are:

1. He must be a man, come from a line of initiators, have been circumcised, be married and his first born must be a male child. 

2. He must also not be bald headed. 

3. During the circumcision period, he must remain chaste. An initiator’s regime comes to an end when either he dies, dishonors the rule of chastity or circumcises a dead person. 

4. The last circumstance happens when a boy of circumcision age dies before he’s circumcised. It is a taboo for such person to be buried uncircumcised. 

5. Then twins are circumcised between 4.00 a.m. to 5.00 a.m. immediately after the cleansing at the river but in the case of heterogeneous twins, a banana leaf is tied around the girl’s waist and a mock circumcision done on her before actual circumcision is done on the boy. 

6. It is a taboo for a child born out of wedlock and a child born in a family with both parents to share the same knife. 

7. It’s also a taboo for father and a son to share the same knife but if the surgeon has only one knife, then one side shall be used on the father and the other on the son.

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