Dear Baby Tamara (Romantic poem of the day) 

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Dear Baby Tamara (Romantic poem of the day) 

Dear Baby Tamara (Romantic poem of the day) B

I know soon you will be here ,

I am not your father yes but I have a few words I want to let you know , so that you grow up knowing .

Tamara , I am supposed to be your papa.

Tamara was not the name we  had planned for you at first,

But as soon as we separated with your mother she changed it fast.

I don’t know if the name `Tamara` is imperial but we had a royal name for you Tamara

The name we had for you had a significant and secret meaning,

I don’t know if Tamara do, maybe your mother will tell you that.


I know you could love to know me but I swear someday when the time is right I’ll find you.

And when I find you I’ll tell you everything,

I’ll let you know the name we had for you and its meaning,

I’ll want you to keep it as a secret when I let you know this,even to your mama.

I hope you won’t hate me that I walked away from your mother because she made me go away,

I have always wished I would be your father,

But destiny decided otherwise baby.


You will always be my `child` as far as I am concerned because your mum will always be in my heart

I love you baby Tamara.

By Lekey

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