I Want You (Romantic poem of the day) 

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I Want You (Romantic poem of the day)

I Want You (Romantic poem of the day) 
The ugly and the pretty

The wise and the petty 

In rise and in fall

Only for you I’ll fall.

 You’re the cream in my ice

And the ice in my cubes.

You’re all there is to live for.
In your beast mode you’re still beautiful

In feast mood and the fearful,

I’ll stand by you and with you,

My heart beats for you,

You’re the rhythm in my beat.

No other man can beat you in this.
Your flaws make you stand out,

That vain in your forehead

That scar that’s covered in a tattoo,

Your bushy beard and long locks

This features don’t define you.

You have a rich and accommodative Heart.

Guarantee me of your love 

And I’ll bet on loyalty and

 eternal heart gasms.
Perfection is a dream,

Realness and raw is what God make.

See, you’re  my kinda drug,

Intoxicated I am.

I’m addicted to you and need no help.

Let’s live,love and laugh.

Only you matter.

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