Whispers Of A Carcass (poem of the day) 

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Whispers Of A Carcass (poem of the day) 

Whispers Of A Carcass (poem of the day) 
Silence shouts,

Off silent out to sprout,

Blinking out no doubt,


Shouts in whispers,

Sprouts of whiskers

Out loud, out about.
Blessings off curses

Whispers out in shouts

Odours call off aloud

Mounting mountains Malnificient Marvels
Who will help in disguise?

Facing fading off,

Against all odds

Who will aid ,…


Where are you my allies.?
Casts cascade

A dead ear  yet not so clear

Whispers of the carcass

I smear

Shouts in silence

To many so queer
Now yet  silent,

My patience pains

Whispers odds shout lanes

Ignored yet so pestilent
Ignore not my Whispers

His story a carcass


Saves at long last

Smile ,weep not of your past

Smile off the whispers of the carcass…..

BY Hurmphrey

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