In My Feelings (Romantic poem of the day) 

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In My Feelings (Romantic poem of the day) 

In My Feelings (Romantic poem of the day) 
It’s dark


Am freezing

Past midnight

The kids are asleep

I am crawling in my skin 

While he is in his drunken state

Drowned in alcohol

Breeding more of his copies in his unfaithful state

Maybe warming every bed in a brothel

Lying naked in a drainage

When morning comes he comes home..

Either with a swollen eye or a broken bone due to his regular fights

I already lost him

But am soon going to hand him over to the devil

Should I tell him?

His liver can’t be repaired

Will he change his ways?

Or will he drink his soul away?

How will I explain to him that….

His only option is hell

BY stereo_hearts

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