Night Fall (Lifestyle poem of the day) 

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Night Fall (Lifestyle poem of the day) 

Night Fall (Lifestyle poem of the day) 
A night so sullen 

hours so sudden

a night so silent 

hope so distant 

she lit the candle

‘n she felt the touch of life

within her lay gloom in bundle

‘n she felt the bitter strife

she looked up

up the wall

her eyes sore

her heart weary 

her soul beaten

her hope withered 

she looked at him

 deep in the eyes

she looked at him

 deep in the heart 

what a graceful lad

what an apt lad

what a happy lad

he had been

playing in the summer sun

building castles by the shores

making snowmen in winter 

but all had puffed away 

no premonition 

no warning 

the howling winds had blown

‘n with them, he had gone 

far away to the lands unknown 

‘n she was left to cry with the moon

days had dragged into aeons

season after season

stretch after stretch 

without him

life seemed to have clogged 

lonely nights

she laid awake 

prayed to God

her soul to take 

when she heard the knock 

she thought herself a dream 

four loyal men

dressed up in state suits

gloom shot-eyes

the message was bitter 

a bitter aloe to the injury indeed 

could she elude it


the pill had to be swallowed 

a son she had lived to heart

he had gone once 

but now he was gone forever 

they said he was a patriot 

but she didn’t understand 

her son had died in the field 

where he had lived to serve the nation 

her son, had died a soldier 

BY Almasi

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