Liberia’s Electric Crisis: 60% of Power ‘Stolen’

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Liberia’s Electric Crisis: 60% of Power ‘Stolen’

Liberia's Electric Crisis: 60% of Power ‘Stolen’

People steal about 60% of the electricity generated in Liberia annually by making illegal connections to their homes and businesses, the state-owned power utility has said.

The theft caused annual losses of about £35m (£27m), Liberia Electricity Corporation officials told state radio.

This robbed the utility of money needed to extend power supply, they added.

Liberia is trying to rebuild its power sector, destroyed during a civil war which lasted from 1989 to 2003.

But up to now only 12% of Liberians – and less than 20% of residents in the capital, Monrovia – have electricity, one of the lowest access rates in the world.

The government has set itself the target of rolling out electricity to 70% of Monrovia’s population by 2030.

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