Please Rescue Me (Lifestyle poem of the day) 

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Please Rescue Me (Lifestyle poem of the day) 
Please Rescue Me (Lifestyle poem of the day) 
Mama it pains here

It is scary and seems so deadly

This the place where love should be present in abundance

Where peace and joy should thrive

Contrary, it is where the cause of my death seems to be flourishing so fast

Mama, I can see it an inch away

Ready to swallow me

Please, I need you

It’s getting too late

Mama I need you to deliver me!

It is 6 years now since you came home with him with joy written on your face

He sat there mama

With a bright smile on his face, he acted happy too

As you introduced him as your best friend

He gave you all the reasons to trust him

And you in return, taught me to call him dad

But you were wrong

He doesn’t deserve it mama!

He is the wolf in sheep wool!

Mama I need you to deliver me!

I understand you were busy with bringing bread on the table

You too knew you have a better-half to take care of your offspring

I gladly appreciate your hardwork

But mama, you spilled the wheat grains on the ground and left the chicken to watch over it

You got it wrong

It is already late

Not too late though

Mama I need you to deliver me!

While you were away 

Trying to make end meets

He tried do things unto me

I cried but he was too deaf to hear me

He used all means to make me quiet

He forced himself into me

And threatened of my death if I ever told anyone

Mama I obeyed him because you taught me to

I was afraid to die too

Mama it pains

The nightmares are killing me slowly

Seeing him each day reveals the closeness to my death

Mama I need you to deliver me


Yesterday when you left

He came banging at my door

He managed to get in

Again he repeated it

This time he made me bend and used my behind

Mama it pains

I can’t manage to walk

Sitting is a problem too

Mama I know  he gonna kill me if he hears this

But mama, am dying

I need your deliverance

Free me from this bondage!

Mama you ain’t to blame

But you all I got

Please rescue me!!


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