African Sex Education In Malawi.

Young African girl from Malawi in section of sex education
Young african girl 

As civilization has encroached to our tradition and leading to sex education in schools and various learning centers. We Africans …

I Tried ( Poem Of The Day ).

Our Dialy Poetry ODP poem i tried
A weeping heart etching for love
I tried my best to show you how much I love

Love your beautiful skin

Lovely smile, …

WAEC Issues Two Years BannTo Candidates Involved In Malpractice.

WAEC Exam Things in  247inafrica
WAEC Exam 2018
WAEC  ,The West African Examination Council, on 4th of April has revealed on there website what will happen to students …

African Sex Initiation An Aged Long Tradition.

African sex initiation a lonv aged traditionSex in Africa is seen a ritual performed by married adult, and one should be of age before initiation into the sexual circle.Taking …

Neck Beading Among Samburu Teens In Kenya.

Beading among Samburu of Kenya (Aishontoyie Saen)

The Samburu are a nomadic pastoralist community living in the arid and semi-arid parts of Northern …

Significant Of The Turban

The Turban which is an old aged tradition have so many significance in the faith of a practitioner.

1 . The Egyptians removed …

Amondi The Queen ( Poem Of The Day ).

Amondi, my luo woman

You have a way with me

The haven you carry with you

Is the place I’d rather be 

And …

Sweats And Tears ( Poem Of The Day)

Sweats and tears 
I gave it all I had including my last short and breath.

My everlasting love even till I go beneath.…

The Six Characteristics Of a True African.

1 Trustworthiness : Trust is earned not given ,an African man must be honest, don’t deceive, cheat or steal before he can be …

500 years Old Trees Inherited In Edo State Nigeria.

In Africa were inheritance is passed from one generation to the other ,ranging from many assets or landed properties can be inherited; examples …