Ukali Bula Whiping Tradition Of Harmar Tribe In Ethiopia.

Ukali bula whipping in hamar tribe of Ethiopia
Ukali Bula Whiping in Ethiopia ( photo credit Jeremy Hunter.)
Ukali bula whipping in Ethiopia of hamar tribe
Ukali Bula Whiping in Ethiopia ( photo credit Jeremy Hunter.)
Ukali bula in Ethiopia
Ukali Bula Whiping

Boko Man From Republic Of Congo In Africa.

Boko man of Congo with cockscomb scar.
Scarification on Boko man’s face from Congo ( image courtesy of the Royal museum for central Africa, Belgium from the ethnographic field.

The Boko …

255 Pyramids Of Sudan Doubled That Of Egypt.

Egyptian pyramid
Egyptian pyramid
Sudanese pyramid
Sudan Has More Than 200 Pyramids, Which is Double the Number Found in Egypt.

Sudanese pyramid

The Nubian pyramids …

My Whispers ( Poem Of The Day )

My whispers
My whispers poem of the day from Our daily poetry
I pray you forgive the silence of my heart

These whispers of darkness …

Origin Of Shuka Fabrics Of Maasai Tribe In Kenya.

Shuka clothing of Massai tribe in kenya
The Maasai of Kenya are people enriched with unique cultures from other African tribes, like hunting …

Four General Africa Traditions And Culture.

African map
The Africans and traditions

Respecting the Elders

In African societies, elders are not treated like any other member of society, they are treated with …

Hilarious Pre-wedding Pictures.

These are pre- Pre-wedding Pictures i found online, and i think it looks hilarious.

Pre-wedding Pictures
Hilarious Pre-wedding Pictures

Hilarious Pre-wedding Pictures
Pre-wedding Pictures
Pre-wedding Pictures
Pre-wedding Pictures

Bad Concept Of Almajiri In Islam.

Almajiri children
Almajiri in Islam

Almajiri is an Arabic word which is derived from ” Almuhajiri ,” meaning a seeker of Islamic knowledge. In the recent …

Argument ( Poem Of The Day )

Argument a Poem from ODP Our daily poetry
It’s an argument,

I can’t decide which color I want it to, 

I can’t decide on either black or white,

He can’t …

Umu Ada In Igbo Land ( Married daughters In Igbo Land )

The Umu Ada power in Igbo traditions.
Umu Ada of Igbo land

Umu Ada
Umu Ada of Igbo tradition

In Igbo tradition ( Southeast Nigeria ) the Umu Ada have some particulated or …